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Small Business Accounting Service


Get small business accounting off of your plate and receive monthly bookkeeping, financial statements, and advice - plus tax planning and annual taxes.

A preview of our accounting service

Have You Been Neglected By Your Accountant?

Businesses that don't work with a trusted accountant are often plagued by:


Communication issues.

 Plus, accountants often charge by the minute.


Shrinking business.

 There's no such thing as staying the same; you're either growing or you're shrinking.


Compliance and customer service problems.

 National providers are known for mistakes and poor issue resolution.

benefits of monthly accounting video

Never Worry About Your Accounting Again


Reap these benefits when you work with CSI.

Schedule a Consultation

Great Communication

We resolve issues and offer advice quickly.


Growth Potential

We proactively offer growth and profitability advice.


Stay in Compliance

Your dedicated expert knows your business inside and out.

Your Full Accounting Package


Our accounting service combines the monthly activities — bookkeeping, financial statements, and advice — that lead to a better tax season. Then we implement your tax savings and file your taxes to knock it out of the park! Plus, with so much time back in your hands, you have the power to do what you do best: operate and grow your business.

Collage of happy client, accounting work and growing blocks.

See What CSI Accounting & Payroll Clients Have to Say

Get Better Accounting in Just Three Steps

When you follow these steps to partner with CSI Accounting & Payroll, you get more time to work on growing your business and increasing your profitability instead of coordinating with the service providers who are supposed to be saving you time and effort.

Accounting Service FAQs

What does CSI’s accounting service include?

What services does CSI not offer?

Can I really ask my accountant as many questions as I want?

Can I just use the bookkeeping portion of CSI’s services and continue using my annual tax accountant?

How much does monthly accounting cost?

Looking For a Payroll Solution?

Pave your path to less stress and more confidence by entrusting all of your payroll needs to one provider. Not ready to talk to an expert? Then click the link below to visit our Learning Center to  learn everything you want to know about small business payroll, accounting, taxes, and more.