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Cleaning Business Accounting Service

Get cleaning business accounting (monthly bookkeeping, financial statements, advice, tax planning, and annual taxes) and payroll off of your plate!

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Cleaning Business Service Categories

CSI Accounting & Payroll offers a small portfolio of specialized services that we believe are critical to the success of cleaning services.

Specialized Cleaning Business Accounting

Cleaning businesses have complexities in accounting and payroll, so outsourcing to experts with commercial cleaning industry knowledge can increase your profitability and minimize taxes.

Use these experts to track your sales tax and use tax, manage tips and their taxes, report new hires when there is turnover, and track location-based time off accruals.

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Cleaning Services FAQs

Why should cleaning companies outsource payroll?

Why should cleaning companies outsource monthly accounting?

Does CSI work with other cleaning companies like mine?

Can I just use the bookkeeping portion of CSI’s services and continue using my annual tax accountant?

How can I make my cleaning service’s bookkeeping and bank reconciliation easier?

Better Accounting Starts Now

To find time to grow your business, you need to get accounting and payroll off your plate and under one roof. Using multiple providers for these services means poor communication, extra work, and frustration. 

There's a better solution. Outsource your accounting and payroll with one experienced company, just like thousands of our satisfied clients did.

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