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Stay compliant with labor laws with our customizable timekeeping solutions! Efficiently and accurately track time worked, overtime, breaks, and time off.

Your Custom Timekeeping Solution

Combine our payroll service with timekeeping for hourly and salaried employees, including different pay rates, billable time, working hours, and location-based pay. Use your mobile device for optimal employee accessibility, and add optional security features like geofencing and manager approvals. Prevent buddy punching and time theft, all while staying in compliance!

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Timekeeping FAQs

Can I just work with CSI for a timekeeping service?

What are some timekeeping factors that CSI can help me with?

Why do timekeeping and payroll need to be integrated?

What other types of add-on features do you offer in your payroll service?

How can I reach my payroll specialist if I need help?

Never Worry About Your Payroll Again

Reap these benefits when you work with CSI.

Schedule a Consultation
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Great Communication

You always know who to contact: your own payroll specialist.

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A Customizable Payroll Package

Don't pay for features that you don't need!

Staying in Compliance

Stay in Compliance

Your dedicated expert knows your business inside and out.

Get Simpler Payroll in Just Three Steps

When you follow these steps to partner with CSI Accounting & Payroll, you get more time to work on growing your business and increasing your profitability instead of coordinating with the service providers who are supposed to be saving you time and effort.

If you are already a client and would like to add timekeeping to your payroll service, simply reach out and let your payroll specialist know!

See What CSI Accounting & Payroll Clients Have to Say

Is Your Current Payroll Provider Holding You Back?

Businesses that don't work with a trusted provider are often plagued by:

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Communication issues.

You do not have a designated point of contact.

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Rigid payroll packages.

These may include features that you don't use but still have to pay for.

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Compliance and customer service problems.

National providers are known for poor issue resolution.


Better Timekeeping Starts Now

You’re on the right track to a less stressful and more customizable payroll solution. If you're ready to talk to an expert, schedule a consultation today!