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Sabrina Neuwiller

Sabrina received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Strayer University in December 2022. In school, she always preferred math classes, despite the faces people make when she mentions this!

But Sabrina has the same passion for accounting; it does involve math, but there are many more layers to it. Each day is different and that's what she finds so interesting. At home, Sabrina loves spending time with her cats Sasha and Pebbles who help her relax from a stressful day.

Fun Fact: 

Sabrina not only enjoys watching wrestling, but also collects the memorabilia. She has a room full of everything from magazines, to replica belts and rings, to beanie babies. She even has over 200 action figures on display and they are not for playing with!


Email: sabrina.neuwiller@csiaccounting.com

CSI Accounting and Payroll Team Member Sabrina Neuwiller