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Your Most-Asked Questions About Our Payroll Services

Q: What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll to a service provider?

Q: What makes CSI different than the national payroll providers?

Outsourcing payroll saves time and money. It can actually be less expensive to have an outside service process your payroll than to do it internally when you factor in all the variables. Working with a payroll service also allows you to: 

  • Select services based on your needs.
  • Reduce your need to manage the work in-house. 
  • Quit worrying about payroll processing. 
  • Gain free time. 
  • Lift your concerns of fines or compliance with laws. 

Learn more about why a payroll service is a great option for small businesses here. 

Lots of small business owners outsource with national providers by default because they assume a service with a larger customer base must have better customer service or be more affordable than smaller services. This is not necessarily true at all.  

With CSI, you work with a specific processor who is assigned to your account. Your dedicated processor will become familiar with your account, and it will be like working with your own employee. You will get customer service that only comes from working with a small business (just like yours). If you trust other local vendors to help with your operations, why not trust a local payroll provider to do the same? 

Read more about the differences between national and local payroll providers here. 

Q: What do your payroll processes look like?

Q: How much do payroll services cost? What factors go into the pricing?

After you provide us with the basic information, we do the rest: 

  • Electronically schedule direct deposit accounts or provide checks
  • Automatically calculate and schedule payroll taxes electronically from your business account
  • Submit your quarterly tax reports and annual returns, including the W-2s 

Don’t forget: our services are customizable. Read about which services are included in your payroll fee and which ones are add-ons here. 

Pricing for our payroll services includes a base fee, which is based on: 

  • The frequency of your payroll 
  • A fee for each employee 
  • The number of W-2s that need to be filed 

Other contributing factors include: 

  • Optional add-ons, such as HR service
  • Situational fees, such as child support and other garnishments 

Out of our current payroll-only client base, an average month of payroll fees can range from a little under $100 to $500+. The average payroll client sits at a fee of around $225 per month.

Read more about the factors that go into pricing a payroll fee here. 

Interested in our accounting services too? Read about the benefits of bundling accounting and payroll services under one roof and our discount for bundling services here. 

Q: What do I need to provide in order to process my payroll?

Q: Can I do part of my payroll myself?

Keep in mind, our payroll services are customizable, and every business has different payroll needs. Based on what our average client’s situation is like, we'll need the following to process your payroll: 

  • The information found on each employee's W-4
  • Information about how you pay each employee (i.e. hourly, salary, commission)
  • If you provide bonuses
  • Any recurring voluntary or involuntary deductions from employees' checks (and, in some cases, whether they are qualified pre-tax deductions or not) 

Yes. While CSI is happy to handle these for you, you can do the following payroll tasks internally: 

  • Making your own payments 
  • Doing your own reporting 
  • Doing your own tracking 
  • Printing your own materials 
  • Reporting hours and other information online 
  • Maintaining your own employees’ information in your account 

Read more about what these payroll tasks [that you can do yourself] include here. 

Q: Do you offer 401(k) plans? Will you work with my existing plans?

We offer three affordable plan types from leading investment companies for you and your employees through a partner, Human Interest! CSI, like many other payroll providers (including national ones who outsource and white label), does not offer retirement plans directly.  

We also have a background in maintaining existing retirement plans for payroll clients. We will work with plans tied to your financial planner, but if they are tied to another payroll provider, you will need to switch to our plans. Don’t worry – we’ll help you do this, and Human Interest will even reimburse a large portion of conversion fees.

Read more about how CSI can offer retirement plans through Human Interest and manage your current plans here. 

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"CSI has helped our business be more efficient and grow. Now we have a real idea of what is going on every month and up to the minute in our business." Scott Fares
"I came to CSI with a book keeping nightmare, but everyone at CSI was so great in helping me get organized and on track. I couldn't be happier." Jodie Time
One of the best decisions we made as a small business last year was to outsource our monthly accounting and payroll to CSI Accounting. Brendon Dennewill