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Jordan Sanders

Jordan began working at CSI in 2022. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Video Production and Film Studies from the University of Minnesota. Jordan worked as a photographer for several years after graduating college, which propelled him toward his goal of becoming a full-time video producer. He’s passionate about working for small businesses because he feels his interactions are more personal, and he loves learning peoples’ stories. 

Jordan’s role at CSI is to create video content geared toward educating clients, industry peers and anyone else who wants to master their business's financials. He is admittedly not well-versed in the world of numbers, so he focuses his talent on platforming colleagues who can provide their invaluable industry expertise (and make them look good doing it!)

Fun Fact: Jordan tries to watch at least 1 movie per day, and while he doesn’t always succeed he’s undoubtedly an avid film lover who can talk your ear off!


CSI Accounting and Payroll Team Member Jordan Sanders